The Food Hangover (aka the mexi-coma)

95 percent of the time I eat very mindfully and healthy.  I eat to fuel my body and choose foods that will help me lose weight, give me lasting energy, and taste good.  This way of eating has been a recent change, motivated by my desire to lose weight and feel better.  A few months ago a typical dinner was either a Chipotle (still love it) burrito, chips, and guacamole or an entire frozen pizza.  I remember once this summer eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Key Lime Pie Ice cream.  I am the typical yo-yo dieter, losing weight just to gain it back.  I would cut out the bad stuff only to crawl back to it a few months later. 

I finally reached a low point, and my highest weight this year in September and decided I needed to make a permanent change.  My good friend Kara is a Weight Watchers leader and I knew she had personal success following that program.  After deciding for myself that I needed support, I signed up for the monthly pass and started using the online tracking system.  So far, I have lost 13 pounds and couldn’t be happier. There are times that I start to beat myself up for not doing this a year ago, but I wasn’t ready, or desperate enough, to change at that point in time. Part of the reason I am working so hard is because I am determined to be successful and I am doing this for ME, not anyone else.  Kara never pressured me to join WW, but I chose to because I could see this program working for her.  At this point, I am still learning and growing shrinking, but I know I want these changes to last forever.

Last night I went to a movie and dinner with friends.  When we were deciding where to go, my friend Michaela said “something healthy for Amber” knowing that I have been eating mindfully and always ask for healthy choices.  I told both friends that I was in the mood for mexican and everyone agreed.  I ate a few chips and salsa, about half of a giant burrito smothered in cheesy sauce, and half of my beans and rice.  The food tasted great, but as soon as I finished eating, the first thought that crossed my mind was “that wasn’t worth it”.  I went home, surfed the internet and felt super tired and went to bed early. Last night I had a horrible night of sleep, and when I woke up this morning did NOT want to get out of bed.  That’s pretty typical for me, but I think a big part of my sleepiness was the junky food I ate.  

One “bad” meal will not ruin my week.  Heck, it didn’t even ruin my day, but it did make me think about the conscience choice I made to eat something that was bad for me.  Tonight, as I write this blog I am picking away at this gorgeous salad.


 I also ate salad for lunch and got a good workout in tonight, so I am feeling pretty great tonight.  I guess the lesson learned is everything in moderation and if you make one rotten choice it doesn’t need to spill over into the rest of the day, week, etc. Progress, not perfection.


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