A bad workout is better than no workout at all

Theme of the day: something is better than nothing.

Today work was a whirlwind of activities but I still managed to leave right at 5:00.  I needed to run some errands and planned on doing that right after work and before working out so I could run and then go to yoga at my gym, but traffic was terrible at 5:30 and it was faster to avoid a huge mess of cars and go to the gym instead.  I decided to get on the eliptical machine and then run on the treadmill.  After a few minutes at a moderate pace, I usually start to warm up and have the motivation and energy to push myself to increase the resistance but today I just wanted to quit.  I told myself that I just needed to workout for ten minutes, and if I wanted to stop then I could.  I ended up going for 20 on the elipitcal and 25 minutes of interval training on the treadmill but the entire time I felt super tired.   I did make it through my workout, and I am proud of myself for getting to the gym but I almost wonder if I should have taken the day off.

I will be at a conference for the next few days and will be bringing my workout gear with me but have no idea if I can realistically get a workout in.  We start our days at 6:00 and don’t end until well after midnight.  Even if I don’t get a single workout in, I will have still exercised 4 days this week, which I hope keeps my energy high and my weight down.

I have been so tired today and am not sure why.  I usually drink a latte in the morning but today had a second one around three because I was dragging.  It’s about 8:30 right now and I still have things to do to get ready for this conference so I won’t be going to bed for a couple of hours.  I would love to hear anyone’s tips on dealing with low energy!


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