An Attitude of Gratitude

I had a super wonderful weekend in New Mexico with some of ASU Tempe’s finest leaders.  Today we drove back, and the 8 hour trip ended with me finding out my car had been towed from the lot it was parked in.  Luckily for me , my mom was able to help me track it down and one of my student leaders helped get my stuff back to my residence hall. This brings me to the topic of the day: an attitude of gratitude.  I am so grateful that I had people who could help me in a stressful situation.  As I started to think about how lucky I am, I decided to make a Gratitude List.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • My friends and family who care about me and support me.
  • My car
  • My job
  • My apartment
  • Pizza
  • My education
  • My sister
  • The weather in Tempe
  • Traveling
  • My Health

I have found that the more I focus on the positive, the happier and more positive I am (the same is true with negativity).

Since this weekend was so hectic, I am going to finish laundry and head to bed early.  I can’t wait to see my parents tomorrow and give everyone a big hug.

Peace and Love,



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