Running outside


I used to run…a lot.  I have completed tons of 5ks, a full length triathlon, and was training for a marathon when I got really sick and couldn’t do much physically.  Recovering from illness and surgery took a lot out of me and my lifestyle became increasingly sedentary.  At this point I am basically starting over in terms of muscle and endurance.  Yesterday my dad suggested that I run outside since it was still about 60 degrees (in Wisconsin, in late November) and I told him I didn’t think I was ready.  He told me I should take baby steps.  

Aha moment!  I realized that I could walk/jog outside.  Even if it was harder, more painful, and not as simple as my treadmill workout it was something I could try.  So I did…and it was horrible.  I am not used to running on pavement and my run was not pretty. But I made it! I jogged for about half and walked the other half and used the Nike run app to track my progress.  Truly, life is about progress, not perfection and I am happy that I tried.



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