Last day in Wisconsin

Tomorrow I pack up and travel back to Arizona.  So I still technically have one more vacation day before I go back to work.  I have been so thankful to spend time with my family but haven’t been getting to the gym or eating very healthy.  I am looking forward to getting back to my routine soon.


My family is wonderful, but pretty crazy too.  We had a lot of fun and here are some of the highlights of the trip

  • My sister ran the Berbee Derbee 5k on Thanksgiving and I went to watch her run with my mom and her fiance.
  • I made an AMAZING turkey using Alton Brown’s recipe, found here:
  • My sister and I got to eat lunch with our two friends Laura and Diana, who we have known since elementary school.
  • We celebrated my dad’s birthday
  • My sister found her wedding dress!

So, one last day to soak it all in before I go back, work for three weeks, and then have time off at Christmas!

Hope you all are having a relaxing weekend.

Peace and Love,



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