Back home and down a pound

I usually weigh in on Sundays at my Weight Watcher meeting but since I was out of town for the past two Sundays I weighed myself on my parents scale on Monday last week and again this morning.  Last week the scale was up 3 and I hoped it was the scale because I tried so hard to eat healthy in Albuquerque but I do think it is accurate.

Today I was sure I would be up another 2 or 3 pounds but I was actually down one.  I still tracked all my points while on vacation, but haven’t worked out in maybe 4 or 5 days so I think it could be loss of muscle.  Tonight I am beat from traveling all day so will probably not make it to the gym.  If I get to bed early there is a chance I will work out tomorrow morning, but knowing my lazy butt, it will probably be after work.  I am on duty (a.k.a. on call) tomorrow night so I won’t be able to leave campus, but luckily I do have a gym that is open 24/7.

I love being at home and being around family, but I am really looking forward to getting back into a routine, even if it does mean getting back to work.

Did you have a healthy Thanksgiving week?  Is it hard for you to get back into your routine?

Speaking of healthy routines, I am really hoping to win an ActiveLink  from a website I follow, Danica’s Daily.  Here is the link if you want to enter too!

Peace and Love,



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