The Month Two Slump

I am not feeling it.  Tonight I really just wanted to stay in bed and watch The Walking Dead tonight but I did haul my butt to the gym.  My original plan was to go to a Zumba and yoga, but for some reason I ended getting there a half hour early and got on the elliptical machine.  After 20 minutes I did go to Zumba but after realizing that my moves looked nothing like the instructors and that I really wasn’t getting that great of a workout by half-assing the moves, I decided to get back on the elliptical for another 15 minutes and then jog/walk for another 15.  By that point Zumba was ending and yoga was about to start so I went to yoga but was tired and hungry so I bailed after 30 minutes.  A crazy and imperfect workout, but better than no workout at all.

The past couple of days my heart has not been into working out.  Thankfully I have been eating really healthfully – with the exception of  a fun size bag of peanut butter M&Ms (for some reason I have been craving peanut butter lately).  But everything has fit into my Weight Watcher’s points plus budget, so over all I guess I have been doing ok.

One problem is that I still want instantaneous results.  I know progress doesn’t happen overnight and I did indulge at thanksgiving but I have been at the same weight for the last three weeks.  I am excited to get to my weight watchers meeting this week so I can get into the right mindset.  I feel like I need to get revitalized and excited about health and wellness like I was just a few weeks ago.

For me, I know it is important not to let a temporary setback become permanent. Hard work always pays off, sometimes it just takes awhile to appear as success.

Peace and Love,





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