“You Look Good!”

I have been a member of the Weight Watcher’s program for just over two months now and have lost 15 pounds!  Hallelujah.  Proof that hard work always pays off!

This week I think the weight loss has become noticeable to others because people were handing out the compliments left and right today.  Positive reinforcement definitely gives me a motivational boost and makes me want to work even harder.

I can’t say that everytime I eat a salad I am in heaven.  And sometimes I have to drag my butt to the gym when I would rather just take a nap.  But, most of the time it hasn’t been incredibly hard.  Essentially my weight loss comes down to a series of healthy mindful decisions.  Each day I make thousands of choices that turn into conscious decisions.  They aren’t always easy, and sometimes I give into a pack of mini peanut butter M&M’s but overall I am choosing the healthy thing over the easy thing or the saturated fatty thing.

Yesterday there were many people in my WW meeting celebrating their milestones.  One woman had lost 52 pounds in exactly a year.  Another who achieved Lifetime Membership status (lost weight and maintained his goal weight for six consecutive weeks) shared that he uses a “T.E.A.M” approach to his healthy lifestyle including Tracking all foods you eat, Educating yourself on the program, adding Activity, and attending Meetings.  I love going every week to my WW meeting because it keeps me on track and accountable, especially during the weekend (I weigh in on Sunday morning).  I always learn something new, whether it is a technique to help me stay full longer or a food another member recommends.

I am looking forward to heading to the gym tonight and seeing my hard work pay off on the scale this week!


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