‘Tis the Season to keep motivated

It’s December and I feel like I am constantly surrounded by seasonal treats.  Lately I feel like I am on high alert in the midst of junk food and other high fat and calorie temptations. 

I also work at a large University and have a meal plan so I eat many meals in the cafeteria.  I have unlimited access to pizza, burgers, and a whole station devoted to pastries and baked goods.  Sometimes I will choose a treat like sweet potato fries or chicken tacos, but most of the time I high-tail it to the salad bar where I prepare the same salad day after day.  I typically choose mixed lettuce, some sort of lentil or bean, and few vegetables. I then add chicken and some kind of fruit to balance out my meal.  I have noticed that when I eat better I feel better, which is the ultimate reward for my hard work.

What keeps me motivated?  Having a lot of energy to do the things I love.  Feeling rested when I wake up in the morning.  Actually wanting to shop because I know I will find cute things.  Taking care of my body and mind.  Getting compliments from friends and colleagues.

What keeps you motivated? Has December been a challenging month to keep on track?

I wish you all success and health, this month and always.

Peace and Love,



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