Your personal support system

I am so fortunate to have support from many people in many aspects of my life.  I am an external processor (i.e. I think as I talk), so running things by my friends and family helps me clarify and solidify my goals.  Every time I have a great run or lose another pound I will text my sister or my mom who always give me positive feedback.  I need positive people like them in my life. 

In my experience, the more I talk about something, the more likely it is for that something will become a reality.  By voicing my goals as well as my challenges, I am able visualize my goal and seek advice and feedback to create change in my own life.

Not only are my family members helpful, but I also have a few employees that I can count on for encouraging words of support.  There have been times when I don’t want to workout  or would rather not eat something healthy  their positive compliments motivate me to keep up my hard work. 

Lastly, Weight Watchers has been a huge help and support to me.  Whenever I lose weight I get to celebrate during my weekly meeting.  I also see how effectively the program works for others, and that too is inspiring.  Also, my WW leader is a personal friend so I know she cares about my well being and more than anything wants me to be happy and healthy.

Who in your life is supportive?  How do they help motivate you?

Peace and Love,



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