Destined for greatness

The last couple of days have been absolutely wonderful.  My gracious hosts Madelyn and Jonathan have shown me an incredible time. This weekend was both relaxing and rejuvenating.  I am blessed to have good friends, good health, and wonderful opportunities in my life.

I love traveling because I am reminded that the United States are incredible and diverse.  I was able to travel and explore parts of Long Beach and Santa Monica.  The more I see, the more I realize how small we are as individuals and how much I still have left to explore and discover.

Today my journeys rekindled a spark of my passion and love of life and the possibilities that lie within.  I enjoy my current career, but I know in my heart that God has a bigger plan and a different calling in mind for me.  I think part of that plan entails owning my own business, but I really need to pray, meditate, and consult others who know me well to figure out what that really means and how feasible my dreams and goals will be to accomplish.

Although I don’t know how things will eventually come together, I do know that when I listen’s to God, that I will never be steered wrong.  When one puts their life in God’s hands and follows God’s will, incredible things happen.  It is only when we ignore God’s will and try to make our own will happen that things tend to get chaotic and messy.  I think of God’s will for us as a river, when you are doing God’s will you are going with the flow.  If you ignore God’s will and follow your own will, it becomes apparent because you will face multiple obstacles, and will be struggling against the current the whole time.  This has been incredibly true for me in my life.  I have realized that at times I think I know what I need or want in life but God knows better than I do.

A year and a half ago when I accepted my current job in Arizona, my goal was to leave the job and the state in a better place than when I got there (emotionally, physically, financially, etc.).   A year and a half later, I am better off in all those aspects of my life and more, due to a lot of hard work, acceptance, and the help of others.  As I think about what the next year has to hold I know I am in for some incredibly big changes in store for me and I am ready.  I also know that I not going to get everything I want right away, but as I work towards my goals I will be closer to achieving them than I am now.  As I like to say- Hard work ALWAYS pays off.

Peace and Love,



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