Spread Cheer

Have a case of the Mondays?  Can’t stop complaining about work?  Get over yourself and go help somebody!

Can you think of anything wonderful then helping others?  I can’t.

There are hundreds of people you know and millions more that you don’t that could use your help, support, or just a note to brighten up their day.  Why not give the gift of cheer by helping someone.

I recently watched a TED talk on how spending money on other people (and not yourself) actually makes you happier.  Watch it now here.  Reserach shows that when people spend money on others and not themselves they are actually happier.

I am pretty sure that this same idea is true when you volunteer or help another person.  Simple acts of kindness cost nothing but time and effort.  You’ll feel more connected to others and stop worrying about yourself.  If you don’t know where to start why not buy a stranger a cup of coffee? Stop and help someone with their groceries. Make a meal for a busy family.  I would also suggest doing something that appeals specifially to your interests (don’t volunteer at the Humane Society if you hate cats).

For a list of ideas, follow THIS link to 25 Ways to Help a Fellow Human Being Today from Zen Habits or THIS link to Volunteer Match to be connected to local volunteer opportunities.

Peace and Love,



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