PERSISTENCE, Dedication, Motivation

Happy Holidays!

How is everyone doing this holiday season?

My mom and dad flew in yesterday from right outside the Madison area, and if you didn’t know they are getting HIT with snow right now, the last prediction for total snow to fall was 12-16 inches, so I am incredibly grateful they made it here.

Our original plan was to go to Sedona today, stay in Flagstaff, then take a train from Williams to the Grand Canyon.  Since the winter storm stream blew in from the west, the temperature in Flagstaff was -2 this morning so we adapted our plans and stayed in Tempe today.  My mom and I hit up Goodwill and Buffalo Exchange this morning and I scored 2 sweaters and 3 dresses for about $60.00! (thanks mom!)  We ran a few other errands and are tonight stayed in to watch Breaking Bad and ordered Chinese for dinner.

Before errands today, my mom and I went to the gym and torched some calories before hitting the town.  I am a firm believer that every little bit matters and I am proud of both of us for keeping up with our healthy routines.

I am a big fan of Imgur (how do you pronounce this…em-jur? m-gur?) And stumbled across this today:


I love this message.  Do your best. Stay the course.  Starting is better than doing nothing.  Persevere.

Peace and Love,



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