My parents have been visiting since Wednesday and will be here until the 26th, so we’ve been exploring Tempe/Phoenix and surrounding areas (Sedona post to come).  It has been a super nice vacation, especially because my mom, dad, and I all agree that Christmas is highly overrated and nobody’s family can hold a candle to the families portrayed in Christmas movies.

Last night we went to the Phoenix Zoo for Zoolights, which is basically wire animals covered in Christmas lights.  I am sure this is a huge moneymaker for the zoo because there were thousands of people there. Here are a few of the best pictures I took:

photo photo-1 photo-3 photo-4 photo-2

We enjoyed the sights and sounds for about an hour and a half, then booked it on out of there to Cooperstown- Alice Cooper’s restaurant.  All and all a wonderful night.

Hope you are enjoying time with your family, or family of friends.

Peace and Love,



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