Feed me! I’m starving!

OK, I am not literally starving, but the past few days I have been SO hungry.  A thought that often crosses my mind is “I really wouldn’t have survived long during the holocaust”.  Tonight I looked back on what I ate for the last few days and it became quite apparent that I am eating too many frozen meals and not enough fruits and veggies. Tonight at dinner I loaded up on steamed broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower and ate raw carrots and celery as well (which I usually hate, but tonight actually tasted good).

I need to stock up on groceries soon and must make a note to buy more produce.  Usually I get a big ol’ salad at our cafeteria everyday at lunch but this week we have been sans dining hall since the kiddos are still on break.  On a super unrealated topic, I have been enjoying watching Gilmore Girls during my lunch break instead of the typical colleague work talk.

I also have been drinking a copious amount of water lately.  Seriously, like 120-150 ounces each day. At least I have that healthy habit nailed down.

So I guess I am going to do a mini-diet revamp and add some more “real” foods.  Hopefully that will help me stay full longer.  Even the oatmeal smoothie with protein powder I usually make isn’t filling me up any more.

If you have any suggestions, I will gladly try them.

Peace and Love,



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