Easy Roasted Cauliflower

Have you ever made roasted cauliflower?  Nope? Me either, until about 30 minutes ago.

I slightly adapted my recipe from Simply Recipes.  

Here is the cut up cauliflower before:


And after:


All I did was spray my dish with olive oil flavored Pam, cut up the head of cauliflower and dumped it in the dish, sprinkled fresh ground pepper and salt over the top, squeezed a half lemon over the whole thing, and sprayed it all with Pam one more time.

Simple. Easy. Done. 

Definitely will be making this recipe again.  I could also see myself using the roasted cauliflower in Katie’s Mini Cauliflower Pizza Bites from Dashing Dish.

I’m off to chow down and spend the rest of my night watching Dr. Who (I just started the 2005 series this weekend)…I know…what a crazy night!

I hope you have a relaxing weekend and a fast productive week at work.

Peace and Love,



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