Competing Priorities

Admission: I am not rich.  Haha…I am sure you are shocked.  Maybe you too are like me and millions of others, broke or in debt.  I could wish all day long that I had more money or less debt, but the only thing that will change that reality for me (and maybe for you) is to do something about it. I have never regretted money I have spent on my health, whether it be personal training sessions, Weight Watchers, or purchasing healthy food.  I suppose the same could be said about my education, however there are times I wish I had gone to a cheaper (a.k.a. public) school.

There is a personal training class in February that I really want to take, but it costs $225.00.  I also want to sign up for personal training sessions, and to get a super reduced rate of $22/hour, I need to sign up for 20 sessions if you did the math, that’s $440.00-not chump change. I cannot afford both right now and really should use the money I would spend on either to pay down my debt.  I also have been traveling a lot, which is expensive.  At this point I have realized that I need to tighten my belt, decide what I can cut from my budget and what is non-negotiable.

I can justify anything, but the reason I want to sign up for personal training is to tone up.  I am pretty clueless and lazy when it comes to weights at the gym.  I realize that I could probably learn this by myself, but truth be told I don’t know if that would happen.

Comments especially appreciated tonight!

Peace and Love,




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