You can do it, put your MIND into it!

I have really been enjoying the lazy parts of my weekend  I usually do 1000 things because if I just sit and watch T.V and sleep I feel like a lazy bum.  This weekend I split my time and only did like 500 things and snuck in some T.V. and internet time too.  On Saturdays I always go to an recovery meeting and on Sundays I have my WW meeting.  Having something on my calendar gets me out of bed and out of the house (always with the help of a Latte from Dutch Bros.).   Today I ran at the gym and my total running time was 35 minutes.  I like running on the treadmill except for the fact that it won’t let me program the time for more than 30 minutes, so I had to restart my run, which did give me a break.  I think I should find a good 1/2 marathon training plan eventually, but for now I am just going to listen to my body and do what feels right.

Speaking of listening to our bodies.  I really do think that I could do more at the gym and need to find some strategies to make my workouts a little bit harder and longer.  Of course I believe in baby steps, but I also believe that our minds are powerful tools that can be our greatest ally or our biggest hurdle to surmount.  Sometimes it is about saying F.U. to the restrictions we place on ourselves.  If you want to change, you need to take action.  Simple as that.

My mom and I were talking today about how hard people try.  I stated that it’s good that people start to make changes, but some people try harder than others.  It all comes down to willingness.  Actions definetly speak volumes about what is important to people in their lives.  Also, how you spend your time and money say a lot about people too.  I can tell my friend Kara cares about her career and her wellness because she spends time at work, at the gym, at WW, and training for her upcoming Ironman race.  What does your time and money say about you?

Here’s to a productive and successful week,

Peace and Love,




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