I have been on vacation for most of last week in Minneapolis.  I was able to come back to my old stomping grounds and visit my sister, her fiance, and a good number of my friends. It was really nice catching up with everyone here and hearing about the changes that have occurred in the last year and a half or so since I saw everyone last.  Of course I got to tell everyone my story too (Are you dating? No.  How do you like Arizona? Work has been really good to me, but the state is too hot and red… etc…) But, those conversations have made me realize how incredibly fortunate I am to have amazing supportive friends.  When I left Minnesota, I was getting over Cushing’s disease and was incredibly scared, stressed out, and tired.  I was so nervous about starting a new job hundreds of miles away and had no idea what to expect.

Two years ago at this time I started my job search and was so nervous about my interviews and my future.  This time around I have so much more confidence because I know most of the candidates I am competing against were just like me two years ago, with little experience and fresh out of grad school.  Also, I know that if I do not find a better fit, I still have a job, taking a lot of pressure off myself.

I have a feeling that March will bring some exciting and interesting interviews.  You will have to stay tuned for updates.

Peace and Love,



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