Happy and Healthy

Work has been extremely crazy lately and because we are interviewing CA candidates this week I will have to give up another weekend to work.  With the trip to Telluride, being on call both days last weekend, and CA selection that makes for three weekends in a row that I haven’t had free.  For my own sanity, I took today off and ran errands and got my hair cut.  It was nice just sleeping in and taking care of the things I needed to. I guess you know you are an adult when you are excited that you got your oil changed and a haircut.  

Anyhow,  I also ran today at the gym and had a really good workout.  I am still debating whether or not to sign up for a half marathon and personal training sessions.  I am just afraid that my knees aren’t strong enough, but I know that fear shouldn’t be a reason to do or not to do something. I do feel much stronger and in shape than I did even a month ago.

My weight loss has plateaued for the past few weeks, probably because I was eating out more and when I was sick I wasn’t able to work out.  At least I feel like I have gotten back into a normal routine and can start making forward progress again.  I also haven’t been able to make my weekly Weight Watchers meeting, so I bought a scale to keep myself more accountable at home.  

Hope you all are happy and healthy.

Peace and Love,





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