Derailed or just sidetracked

I was once told by a colleague that life is like a juggling act.  You won’t always be able to keep every ball in the air at once, but it is important not to drop the same one over and over.

Lately I have struggled to keep any of my “balls” in the air.  Everything- including working out and eating right- have taken a back seat to my job search.  I applied for just over 30 jobs and ended up with 10 interviews- which is pretty great considering the last time I did the whole job search I applied to over 80 jobs and ended up with about 9 interviews.  At this point all the apps I plan on submitting are in and I am now focusing on researching the schools I am interviewing with and preparing for my interviews.  

If you have ever taken on a massive job search, you know that job searching is like a full time job in itself.  Each application (if you do it right- and why wouldn’t you?) takes about an hour to two hours to research, adapt my resume and cover-letter, and apply using their online application.  Sidebar- those online application forms are so stupid! All my information is right there in my resume and cover-letter which by the way I also have to submit- Rant end). 

At this point I am just planning on kicking some major ass at the placement conference.  I have been mock-interviewing, clothes shopping, and answering questions out-loud to myself in the shower*.  I am ready for a new adventure.  

A couple of days ago Tempe/Phoenix had a super unusual hail/snow shower.  Everyone was posting about it on Facebook.  It was pretty bizarre.  The best part was the end, when I walked outside to see a full double rainbow.  I have never before seen one in my life and I just knew it was a sign of great things in store for me.  Here is a pic I snapped.


I am really going to try to post more regularly.  Things are getting back to normal. I even worked out, ate healthy, and baked today.  I am starting to get back to laid-back mellow Amber.

*I swear I am not insane, the shower is a great place to think and no one can hear you talk about your interpretation of social justice and diversity.


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