The Kinda-sorta-not-really-truly couch to 5k

Shortly after I started working out in October, my sister Cassie starting working up to run a 5k race.  Cassie stuck to her plan and competed the Berbee Derbee, a turkey trot, on Thanksgiving last year.  I also started running around the same time, but was taken down to a knee injury and had to do a couple of months of physical therapy just to get back to jogging.  Thankfully my knees have been feeling a lot better and I have started running more and more.  At one point about a month and a half ago I got up to 30 minutes.  Well, life got in the way, I was job searching, got sick, yadda yadda yadda… and now I have started back with my own version of a 5k training plan.  Basically I have been running interval sprints, starting with a minute running and followed by a minute walking.  Repeat until fatigued.  I have been running at a faster pace than usual and it has not only helped me increase my speed, but last week helped me lose over 2 pounds.  

This week I have bumped it up to a 70 seconds running and 50 seconds of walking.  I think my next run I will try to do 75/15 and then just take it from there.  I have really been trying to listen to my body and push it hard enough, but not too hard that I won’t be able (or willing)to run again. 

I have also been trying to do the same with food, but I have been extra hungry the last few days and blew almost all my weekly points yesterday.  I try not to touch my activity points, but this week I think I am going to have to.  Last week and the week before I barely tracked anything and still lost weight, but that tends to lead to embellishing portion sizes and eating less healthfully.  I don’t really feel hungry right now, but if I wasn’t really paying attention would definitely be scarfing down some girl scout cookies or truffles.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be less hungry and more focused.  I thought about cutting out caffeine again, but this close to interviews seriously feel like that is a recipe for disaster.

Hope you all are feeling well rested, fit, and energized .  Cassie, feel better soon.

Peace and Love,



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