I have had the opportunity to reflect a few times the past week and though I am far from perfect, I can see that I have grown tremendously- particularly in the past two years. Just over two years ago I was newly sober, just recovering from Cushing’s disease, and about to graduate with my master’s degree.  There was a staggering amount of uncertainty in my life as I was starting my job search, totally broke, and very sick. Those challenges were tough, but have made me more compassionate, understanding, and a harder worker. This post is focused on what has happened since then and where I am today.

I feel like I have grown a lot professionally.  Although I still learn from my staff on a daily basis, I am able to perform the basic job responsibilities a more easily than I was even a year ago.  I have an outstanding staff that I really care about and respect.

I have reduced my credit card debt tremendously-by almost 30,000. I have just a fraction left to go and am continuing to work on that.  

I feel more confident personally and professionally.

I am in much better physical shape. At this point in my weight loss journey I have lost just about 25 pounds and am still working to lose another 15-20. 

I am more patient.

I have great relationships with both my parents.

I really enjoy my life. I am able to do a lot more because I am in better financial shape, and am not so scared and worried about life.

I trust God more. I truly believe that great things are on their way for me and my family in 2013. 

What has changed for you, and what are you grateful for?

Peace and Love,



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