Nice Weather, Nice Day

I currently live in Arizona and right now we are having the greatest weather. (I apologize to my family and friends in Minnesota and Wisconsin who are currently experiencing mounds of snow and temps in the 20’s, but come June/July it will be 112 here).  

I think I pushed myself too hard at the gym last night, so tonight I took an easy 30 minute bike ride around campus.  It was so beautiful out and make for really good people watching.  It was nice to get a little activity in to keep up with my goals and routine, but also take a break from the gym and running. 

Tuesdays are one of my busiest days because I have staff meeting at 8 p.m. (yes, you read that right) but I do get a break for a few hours between 5-8.  I am really trying to make the most of my last few months in Arizona and be an active participant in life.  January and February were kind of rough, but I know good things are coming my way in March and April.  

Nothing else very interesting happened today, so I am going to go watch some Happy Endings for awhile.  If you haven’t seen this show, I would recommend it.

Peace and Love,



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