One thing at a time

Hello lovelies! 

It is gorgeous here in Tempe Arizona- my home for not too much longer! I submitted my resignation letter yesterday (scary) and am moving on to bigger and better things.  Where? I am still not sure, but I do have an on campus interview two weeks from today and will be visiting my fabulous friend MaryAnn in NYC!  I am excited for the next chapter in my life, wherever that may be.

As you may know from reading my blog, I have been trying to tackle my finances for the past two years, and have been doing pretty well.  I have paid off almost 30,000 in two years on a very tight budget. My co-workers know me as the Queen of Hustle- but all of it has been so worth it! I am down from 6 to 3 credit cards and am working to get as much as I can paid off before I leave.  The last few months have been challenging due to competing priorities (Orlando a’int cheap friends!) but I am still striving to make progress bit-by-bit.  

If you, like me, are working on paying down your debt, I would offer this piece of advice: Just keep going.  Don’t get overwhelmed or bogged down by a scary number.  Every little bit helps.  I have kept a running tally of how much I still owe, and every two weeks I see that number go down- even if by only 50 dollars.  This helps me keep track of the big picture.  Like weight loss, it is important to keep your eye on the prize.  I know I am.

Even though I am not exactly where I want to be (in terms of debt, physical appearance, or location) I am doing everything in my power to change the things I can, one baby step at a time.

Peace and Love,



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