A Weight Loss update

Happy Wednesday!  You made it half-way through the work week!

I haven’t been blogging a lot about my weight loss journey recently, but wanted to assure you that I am still going strong. Weight Watchers seems to be a plan that really works for me, and also one I can stick with long term.  It’s been about 5 months since I started eating better and working out and as of last week I have lost over 30 pounds.

I have struggled to maintain a healthy weight my entire life and was determined to make “this time” different than all the other quick fixes that I tried before. I remember complaining last year when I was 30 pounds heavier that weight loss seemed so overwhelming because it is an everyday thing.  Nothing has changed since that point-other than my perspective. Weight loss or maintenance is still a daily challenge, but like everything else, wellness is about making one good choice, then another, and then another.

I don’t always want to work out.  I don’t always want to eat salad and fruit, but when I do I feel SO much better- physically, emotionally, and mentally.  The small changes I have made  over the past five months have really started to stick.  I have found myself making healthy choices without even thinking of it; for example, last week I went out to lunch and instead of the fries that came with my sandwich I asked for fruit.  I hadn’t even contemplated that decision ahead of time, but I was really glad I made it.

I still have some progress to make in terms of weight loss, but I am very happy with where I am at this point in my journey.  My next mini-goal is to lose 4 pounds, which is completely manageable   I am not giving myself a deadline or time frame, but am taking things gradually.   I have limited dining out to only once or twice a week because of the challenge that seems to present to me but I don’t miss it at all.

If you have had any weight loss successes, I really want to hear about it! Also, if you’d like to be a guest blogger, let me know!

Peace and Love,



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