Motivation vs. Inspiration

Recently my brilliant friend Catherine posted this nugget of  on her Second Chance Coaching Facebook Page 


This quote has really gotten me thinking lately…am I motivated or inspired?

I have to admit that lots of times at work I am MOTIVATED to get my work done.  I want to do a good job so I can impress my boss, keep my job, collect a paycheck, etc.  I am also MOTIVATED by other people’s failures and successes.  Just like my post the other day about being motivated by both positive and negative body image, I am motivated by those that are highly successful as well as individuals who seemingly barely scrape by.

What really INSPIRES me is mostly related to self improvement, health, and fitness which begs the question… am I doing what I am meant to do.. is this God’s purpose for me?  I have no idea where I will be 3 months from today, but I could end up at a school where I could start to pursue my doctoral degree.  I keep wondering “Am I ready for that step?” “Can I commit to classes and starting a new job at the same time?”

At this point, a lot will depend on location and job responsibilities.  I also need to remember not to put the cart in front of the horse…meaning I do not need to figure anything out until I land in my new job. Most importantly, I just need to remember that the universe (what I believe to be God)  has a plan for me and it is my job to decipher what that plan is and follow through.

Peace and Love,



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