Restaurant overload- or- why this former foodie hates going out to eat + a hike

I used to  LOVE going out to eat and would regularly stuff myself until I was beyond full. Adam Richmond from Man vs. Food was my hero.  I loved the super-sized portions and never ordered anything healthy. I have always had issues with portion control and knowing when enough is enough.  I am really trying to work on my food issues and reverse many years of bad habits. So today when I picked a “healthy” salad buffet for lunch, I actually ended up using over 20 points and left feeling full and uncomfortable. I am proud that I limited myself to one trip to the salad bar including a cup of chili and a 1/2 piece of bread, but the choices I make dining out are ALWAYS worse than if I cook at home.  Yes, salad is a healthy choice, until you top it with blue cheese, bacon bits, cheese, and fat laden dressings.  Of course my choices could have been worse, but I am disappointed that I spent so many points on one meal.  Of course there will be times in my life that I will go out to eat again (like next week while in NYC) so I do need to learn how to make better choices than I did today.

On the brighter side of things, I still have 20 weekly points left (probably will be more like 13 after tonight) and that rarely happens. I am used to eating all my weekly points.  Every. Single. One.  But recently I have stopped myself from over indulging, especially if I am not really hungry.

Today my friend Amy and I hiked South Mountain in Phoenix.  I could kick myself for not trying hiking earlier. I have been in Tempe almost 2 years now and that was my first “real” hike.  It was absolutely gorgeous and it didn’t feel like a workout but we were out there for an hour and a half!  I really want to start hiking more, especially in the next month before it gets really hot.

I hope you had a great Saturday and did something healthy!

Peace and Love,



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