Hungry Hungry Amber

Lawd help me! I have been SO hungry the last few days.

I really just want to go bananas and


but I am trying to stay on track now because I will be traveling and it is a lot harder to control what I eat and how much I workout away from home.

I did breakdown indulge yesterday in ONE serving of chips.  I am not sure how I stopped at one serving, but I managed not to eat the whole bag in one sitting.  Today I am trying to stay busy and not go overboard.

Last night I pushed myself to workout for 52 minutes on the treadmill.  I kept adjusting the controls to add more time.  After my workout it was SO nice outside that I walked another 20 minutes around campus. This past week alone I have noticed that my endurance and stamina have improved greatly.  I keep post-it notes above my computer at work to keep track of my weight loss and goals and I just updated my weekly exercise goal, increasing the duration to 45 minutes, 5 days a week!

Hopefully my workout tonight will help me focus my attention on something more healthy and rewarding than food.

Do you have any suggestions to battle ferocious hunger cravings? Is this how you control your hunger?

Peace and Love,



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