The (subtle) joys of being broke

Since I have been paying down my debt/loans I have had to make my finances a priority, which often means sacrificing my wants (instant gratification) for the ultimate goal of being debt free. I made a big payment to one of my credit cards last week so I am living on pretty bare bones right now. I have been eating in the cafeteria more often to take advantage of my meal plan and am pinching every penny I can.  

Do I feel like a loser? No.  I know my self worth and happiness are not tied to money.  The things in life that really matter are free and my basic needs are met.  Of course it’s nice to have a new shirt of makeup or a $5 latte, but those are possessions I desire, not need.

As I am preparing to move in a couple of months, I have realized that it will not be practical to take everything with me.  I need to pare down to the essentials and donate the rest. Moving is a pain, but when you have less to move, it can be a lot easier.

Have you had to scrimp and save? Do you have any money-saving tips?

Peace and Love,



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