Fatigue and Mailise

This past week I have been exhausted. On Thursday I was so tired I wasn’t even able to finish my workout, My legs feel heavy- like they are full of lead, and every day this past week I have wanted to double up on coffee in the afternoon.

Yesterday I took the day off from work and went to see my doctor.  She took a lot of blood work and will be following up with me on Monday.  I slept pretty much all day long apart from a chunk of time from 4-11.

Today I am planning on continuing to rest and recover.  I am also planning on cutting out coffee for a few days (yesterday was successful) to try to give my body a break and allow it to recover.  I am also trying to make sure I eat enough protein, since my doctor said I may be low on Iron or Vitamin D. 

Maybe a long restful weekend is what I need to bounce back.  Hopefully I will have more to report tomorrow.

Peace and Love,



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