Super Sunday

After sleeping probably something insane like 36 of the last 48 hours, I woke up today and decided I couldn’t take one more day in bed.   I went to my regular Weight Watchers meeting today, expecting a loss, and I was not disappointed.  I am down 4.4 pounds in 2 weeks! I knew I was going to be down a two pounds because I weighed in at my doctor’s appointment on Friday morning, but I was very surprised and happy by the result of taking two days off of exercise- and coffee.  I broke my no-coffee streak with a latte this morning, but I definitely will be taking a break from caffeine again in the near future.

After WW, I met my friends Kelly and Stacey at South mountain for a hike.  I didn’t make it all the way (again) because I didn’t want to push myself and be exhausted for my interview on Thursday.



Here is a pic of the three of us celebrating our climb. Let it be written here that Kelly went on to climb all the way to the top.

After the hike I headed to Ross (kind of like a discount/clearance store..think TJ MAXX… and then take it down a few notches)  and found two dresses that I snatched up.  One is perfect for my interview on Tuesday because it matches the school’s colors… and it was less than $30..score!

I also found a great salad place for lunch.  I chose one with shrimp and a chili dressing. It was absolutely delicious. I forgot the name, but did grab a menu so I can go back next weekend.  I did a much better job the last couple of days of balancing my menu and adding a lot more protein and veggies.

I also got my nails done, grocery shopped, did laundry, packed, printed out interview materials, and made dinner for Stacey and I. No wonder I am tired! 

I won’t say where I am interviewing just yet, but I am excited and a titch nervous.  I am meeting with a lot of fancy people with big titles and Dr. in front of their name.  I am trying to remain calm and confident.  I fly out tomorrow, so wish me luck!

Peace and Love,




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