Time to hit the reset button

My food choices have been absolutely terrible lately…like eating chips out of the bag bad.  I am pretty sure I am stress eating, so the combination of sick, stressed, and not working out is making me feel even worse.

I know it’s time to hit the reset button. No more junk. Get to the gym. Track everything. 

Sounds simple enough.  

I certainly do not want to undo any of my progress, but undoing a little and realizing it will be a lot better than undoing it all.  I have a couple more dinners to get through this week, but I realize I can hit the reset button now. I can stock up on healthy foods tonight and hit the gym- even for 20 minutes.  

Progress, not perfection.

My goal is to focus on feeling healthy, making smart decisions, and being present in the moment.  Sure, I don’t know where I will end up in 2 or 3 months, but I need to make my time count now.  Every second we have a chance to start over, make smart decisions, and begin anew.

Peace and Love,



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