I take it back….it’s okay to break up with your diet, and here’s why:

Last night I ate Chipotle…and fro-yo from Yogurtland…and I’m not sorry.

Yesterday my post focused on the error of my ways and I proceeded to beat myself up for the bad food choices I made.  Well F that. Sometimes you need a small break from your diet in order to get back on track.  Weight Watchers works for me because it isn’t over controlling. It has the much needed element of flexibility in food choice, how to incorporate activity, and whether or not you use weekly points.  I need that.  Every other diet I have tried confined me to either pre-packaged meals, or extremely limited calorie consumption.  Who can live like that for an extended period of time? Not me. 

My very wise sister has lost a lot of weight herself by running and tracking her calories online.  She doesn’t believe in diets or depriving oneself and I think that is what makes her not only successful, but happy.  It’s probably time I started taking some of her advice.  By the way, good luck on your first 1/2 marathon this weekend Cassie!

Today I am back to counting points, working out, and taking care of my whole body-including my mental and emotional health.  Maybe the scale will reflect my choices, but I am ok with that.  I would rather be happy and healthy than hangry (hungry+angry). This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon that will last the rest of my life.

Peace and Love,




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