Acceptance, or downward spiral vs. upward spiral

Have you ever heard the phrase “Acceptance is the key”?

I believe this to be 100% accurate.  Yesterday I was in a TERRIBLE mood.  My bad mood caused stress, which caused me to stress-eat, feel terrible, and not work out.  But guess what? Today is a do over. Absolutely nothing has changed except my state of mind.  

I decided I needed to get off my pity pot and move on.  I can’t change anything except my thoughts and actions, so that’s what I did today.  I had a great workout at lunch, ate a healthy lunch, and have been rocking out to Miley Cyrus.  I also applied to two jobs today.  I figure until I have accepted a position I need to keep at it.  


My healthy lunch: roasted carrots and a Trader Joe’s Chili Lime Chicken burger on a sandwich thin

I feel 1000x better today than yesterday. I think sometimes you just need to have a bad day  to appreciate all the good ones.

I started the couch to 5k training program over again.  For those keeping track, this is the third time I have started this program and I still have not completed a 5k…but hey! at least I am still trying.  

I think the scale is going to go up again this week, but I have recommited to eating healthy and taking care of my whole self.  There have just been a few speed bumps this week, which is ok.  Progress, not perfection.

Peace and Love,




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