On Track

After a rough few days, I finally feel happier and healthier.

I have gotten in three days of solid workouts- all running intervals on the treadmill. I love being outside and getting a good workout in by hiking, but there is something about the gym that makes me feel dedicated and motivated.  I hope that the gym time I put in these last few days will balance out the crappy eating that happened early on this week.  Even if it doesn’t, I feel happier and healthier.  It has been apparent that my points were cut two weeks ago because I feel like my weekly points are running out earlier than normal- and they are.  When I started on Weight Watchers, I was allowed 32 points a day plus 49 per week, so total in a week I would get 273.  Now I get 28 a day plus the 49 per week, so now I only get 245.  That’s like cutting out a whole day’s worth of food.

My next weight loss goal is to keep going and lose another 10 pounds.  Apparently for my height and weight that’s where I need to be in ordered to be considered in the healthy range.  I don’t want to deprive or starve, but I do want to continue to make a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.  If my points ever dip down to the point that I feel it is unmanageable  I will reevaluate at that point and probably modify my plan or goals.

My mini goal for next week is to get in 5 solid days of exercise, particularly because work will start to get crazy as student’s move out.  I want to go in to closing healthy and with the least stress amount possible, knowing that I will need to put in several long days.

Enjoy your weekend! I know I will!

Peace and Love,



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