100 Chicken Fingers

Part of my job is to put on programs for residents living in our dining halls.  This week I have somehow managed to NOT go off my plan and NOT eat candy, soda, or popcorn at a movie program last night and also made it through an hour and a half of not eating chicken fingers from Raising Cane’s.  I have so many healthy and tasty foods at home that it has been fairly easy to keep myself from going overboard this week.  I have been allowing myself to use my extra 49 points during the week, but only by using them sparingly- not all at one time.  It also helps when I look up the values of the foods I am tempted to eat ahead of time.  I found out that 3 chicken fingers, texas toast, and sauce was 22 points- that’s almost a whole day’s worth of points!

Today was a rest day because yesterday when I tried to run my legs just were not feeling it.  It doesn’t help that the temperature is already in the triple digits, which seems to make everyone tired.  Tomorrow I am going to try to get a good long workout in .

Other than that I am still waiting to hear from jobs I have applied to or interviewed for already.  Each day I find one or two jobs that are still opening up.  At this point I have applied for well over 70 jobs, and considering that each takes about 1 hour to apply for and that I had two on campus interviews plus 20 interviews while I was in Orlando…well, that is a lot of time.  I can’t even fathom all the time, money, effort, sweat, and tears I have put into this job search.  It is bananas.

Tomorrow is another day….Patience is a virtue…Cliches don’t really help.

Peace and Love,



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