nom nom nom

Happy Friday everyone!

My plan to prepare my food ahead this week really paid off.  Feast your eyes on my gorgeous lunch!



Cucumbers, Jalapeno hummus, TJ’s chili lime chicken burger on a sandwich thin, and kalamata olives!


Yesterday I used up all the weekly and activity points I had been saving for a splurge on my favorite food in the whole world…Chipotle.  Disappointed doesn’t even begin to describe my sentiments over this visit.  My burrito was cold and didn’t even taste that great.  



Confession: That didn’t stop me from eating it.

After I scarfed down my terrible burrito and chips, I decided I needed some sugar and made chocolate chip cookie dough just so I could eat some.  My coworkers benefited greatly from  this because the cookies I baked turned out perfectly!


Delish!  Here is the recipe I used from Martha Stewart.  That lady knows what she is doing!

My one not-so-healthy night this week was delicious and totally worth it.  I feel great today and am right back on track today. 

Peace and Love,



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