Brownies for dinner

My phone has been ringing all afternoon and night. overflowing bathtubs, students illegally bringing cats into their rooms.  lord help me.

After being on call for two days straight, I think it is safe to say that I didn’t really have a weekend. I still made time for the things I love, but I worked…a lot. Today I had to have counseling assess two students, meaning that I had to call our counseling team, wait for the secondary on-call counselors to arrive, wait for the counselors to meet with the students, and then report back to my boss and write a long-ass report. I had to do the same thing yesterday, and time it took me 3 hours.


I made time for a workout in between helping with checkouts and getting the call about the counseling sessions.  I’m glad that I got on the treadmill when I did, otherwise there is no way I would have gotten my workout in.  As soon as I finished a 35 interval workout on the treadmill my phone started to ring with problems for me to drove me to the point of eating an entire row of cookie brownies for dessert.  I had one…which turned to two..then to three.             images

Not my finest hour.

My sister told me tonight that she never feels like she can’t stop eating.  That’s probably what it is like to be normal.  That must be nice.

Pray for me this week as I close down my buildings. It’s gonna be a long week!

Peace and Love,



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