Less stress

Thank God last week is over!  I am so happy to be back in a normal groove of work- not crazy stressed out work mode anymore.  

Also in good news, I had an interview last Friday, another one tomorrow, and one more on Wednesday.  I have learned from my past experiences not to jinx myself, so I am keeping the details quiet until I hear anything from either school.  

Tonight as soon as I am done I am changing into workout clothes and am going to hit the treadmill.  It’s already in the high 90’s/low 100’s here, so my weekend hikes and leisurely bike rides are a thing of the past.  Single tear.

Last night I reviewed my Weight Watcher’s getting started materials just to make sure I am aware of the plan and refreshed on the information.  I am back to tracking everything and making healthy choices.  I really need to stock up on some fruit and veggies, but have lots of healthy protein and pre-portioned snacks.  I am also planning on making these banana muffins tonight.  

Here’s to a healthy week!

Peace and Love,



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