It’s finally summer!

At least it’s summer for me.  Our spreadsheets and paperwork from closing was due today, so now it is all turned in and  closing is officially over.  I also get to start working summer hours- which is officially 2 hours shorter than normal work hours.  Leo says two thumbs up!


Today I had another interview, and this one also went pretty well.  Friday I have two back-to-back interviews.  One is a Skype interview, and one by phone.  I have been studying and preparing for both.  Wish me luck.  Most likely I will be in Tempe for another 6 weeks, which is great because it gives me plenty of time to do what I want before I leave, and attempt to save up money for my move too.  My hope is that I will go right from one job to the next, with less than a week in between.  We will see what happens, but that would be ideal since it would mean no break in pay.  My mom is flying out to Tempe to make the trip with me, so tonight we talked and she’s planning on booking her ticket soon.  

While working out today I think I pulled a muscle on the outside of my right knee.  All I know is that it was painful enough where I had to stop running.  I think I am going to take tomorrow as a rest day, or at least just bike instead of pushing it on the treadmill.  I keep tricking myself into working out longer than I think I can.  My problem is primarily boredom. I think I need to start watching shows or movies while I work out to keep entertained.  Lately I just tell myself to start with 10 minutes and go from there.  Today I pushed myself to workout for 50 minutes, so I could burn plenty of calories and enjoy my Pad Thai at dinner- which by the way was delicious.

Dinner was great because I had some wonderful company.  My friend and I chatted for over an hour and a half.  It was nice to spend time with someone I could relate to and just be myself.  I am so grateful for the many true friends I have.

Peace and Love,



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