Gut Instinct

Do you believe in signs? I do

Do you believe in trusting your gut? I do.

Yesterday I received a phone call to interview at a school I applied to a few weeks ago.  I was not excited.  I was immediately overcome with panic and fear and anxiety. Something just did not seem right.  Additionally, the school wants me to come and interview next week on Friday, and tickets are over $600.  Ouch. 

I keep praying that God will help provide me with an answer.  Maybe he already has.


 Maybe my gut is God trying to tell me that this is not the right job for me.  Or maybe this is just me being neurotic.

Anyhow… I am not going to make a decision on this one until Monday.

In other news both interviews went ok today.  I was prepared, but on the first one Skype disconnected us 5 times! Lord have mercy! I will hear back from both on Monday, so keep me in your thoughts! I also have another Skype interview on Monday morning, so here’s hoping this one goes more smoothly.

It’s the freaking weekend and I am about to have me a nap.

Peace and Love,



One thought on “Gut Instinct

  1. i just blogged about this kind of situation… sometimes circumstance has a larger role to play than preparation (although being ready for anything doesn’t hurt either!) Thanks for this.

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