Burn more, eat more

I’ve kind of put my diet on hold.

I say kind of, because 80% of the time I am eating healthy, and I am still eating normal portions. 

The other 20% of the time I am still trying to get reasonable portions, but a few more not-so-healthy-but-super-yummy things have snuck into my diet.

Like cheesecake….and pizza. yum.

Because I am eating more calories, I am definitely motivated to workout more.  The treadmill has become my new best friend. For reals.  I have been running, and for the last few days every time I have gotten on the treadmill I have surprised myself by the ability to run longer than I thought possible. I got up to 20 minutes in a row today, and after a few breaks kept running intervals.  I love running “fast” for a minute at a time because it is exhilarating. I feel like when I run I don’t have to worry about anything else. It’s great.  I get why people like to run.

Today I had two Skype interviews.  One was the third interview with that particular school, and the other was a first round.  Maybe I will be surprised, but I don’t think either went very well.  In the first round interview, I felt like the two women were glaring at me the entire time. I’m not kidding.  I felt like I was getting the stink eye.


Maybe working there sucks. Maybe they had a bad case of the Mondays, but I didn’t feel like they even answered many of my questions. 

The second interview…I don’t even know where to start.  I am too exhausted to think, but my gut tells me I could have done better.


I prepared for my interviews all weekend long.  I’m not kidding. I wrote out answers to questions. I practiced interviewing to myself out loud.  I am seriously doing everything I can to show my knowledge and skills, but still feel like I am falling short.  I need a pageant coach… or a life coach.  Someone find out if Oprah, Jillian Michaels, Tim Gunn, and RuPaul are available to help me.

Tomorrow I have to get up to babysit at 4:00 a.m.  Hella early.  I’m hoping to go to bed early so I can actually get some decent sleep.  Wish me luck as I play mom for the next few days.

Peace and Love,



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