Alright everyone.  Less than an hour to go and I will be child free. Today was more of the same: pool time, walking around the block, cartoons, naps, baking. Seriously, that sounds pretty good but I guess I didn’t mention the meltdowns, lying, and whining.

Tomorrow I am back to work, taking a candidate across town from one campus to another, so it should be a pretty easy day.  I also need to catch up on a few last minute things before I leave for interviews next week.

I’m taking this weekend to get my ducks in a row.  I need to get my hair and nails done and make sure all my clothes are ready to go.  I also want to be well-rested and make sure I have plenty of time to study up on each school.

At this point, I am pretty tired- physically and mentally.  I’m really looking forward to aking a super long shower, shaving (sorry if TMI) and sleeping in my own bed.



Yup… That looks about right.

Peace and Love,




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