Blog Slacker

Life has been kind of crazy, and yet I don’t really have too many updates.  I have been packing and shipping and counting down the days until I leave for Seattle. I am extremely anxious and just want the next 5 days to fly by. I am counting down the days, hours, minutes, etc. until I get to leave but at the same time it’s a little sad and scary.  I will miss a few people here terribly and have been trying not to think too much about that yet.

My eating has been absolutely terrible lately- last night I had a Dairy Queen Blizzard for dinner…and I hate to admit that’s the third Blizzard I ate in a week.  Today I re-joined Weight Watchers because I know I need to be accountable to someone else other than myself.  It’s also been ungodly hot here, so I have zero motivation to workout. Even if I workout inside my heartrate races and I feel super out of breath.  The heat just wipes me out.  Soon I will be back into a normal range of weather, so I will have no excuses! My mom said she’d be accountable with me on my trip too.  I’m glad that I have a buddy to help me stay on track.

Instead of spending time working out, I’ve been reading a lot.  I am almost done with the first Game of Thrones and I also started reading a book my friend Amy gave me called “Gorgeous” by Paul Rudnick which is sort of a modern day Cinderella.

Tonight is my last night babysitting for Savanna and Van.  😦 I’ll miss those little kiddos too.

Have a super happy and fun weekend! I know I will!

Peace and Love,



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