Happy Thursday.

Yesterday I had a great day.  I worked out during lunch and also after work.  I was supposed to babysit, but ended up having the night free so I went to the gym, failed at making cake pops, and then headed off to a meeting.



I am convinced that the Devil himself invented these little balls of hell.  

Has anyone else made cake pops? Have you seen the ones by Bakerella?  Are you fricking kidding me? I think she is some kind of witch/sorceress.

I was talking after the meeting to a couple of women that I have started to get to know and commented to one of them that I loved her earrings because I am obsessed with cupcakes.  She took them off and handed them to me and said that she had the same experience at a meeting before and a woman had done the same for her with a pair of dream-catcher earnings she was wearing.  She just told me to pay it forward someday.  




Today might be a rest day.  I am trying to be ok with moderation, which has never been and will never be my strong suit.  If I do workout it will be something like 30 minutes on the elliptical.

I finally busted out my magic bullet blender again. I made a “PB&J” smoothie using frozen strawberries, cottage cheese (I know it sounds weird), vanilla soy milk, splenda, and P2B powder.  It was delicious and only 8 WW pts! I modified my recipe from Katie’s at Dashing Dish.  Her recipe can be found here

Have a great Thursday.  

Peace and Love,



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