It’s ok to be sad

This weekend I have felt sad.  And that’s ok.

I woke up today still feeling emotional and raw about some things that are going on in my life and was able to talk to several friends and my mom about it.  I am so lucky to have an awesome support network.

These are some of the pearls of wisdom that I got out of today.

  • Lots of people love and care about me.
  • My friends love that I am honest and share my feelings.  It helps make me real and they can connect to me on a deeper level. 
  • I have only been in Seattle for 2 months and it takes time to acclimate to a new city.  That being said, I already have AMAZING friends here.
  • Going to a meeting always helps.  You will always hear something you need to.
  • Physical activity is super helpful to work out stress.
  • God has a plan.  Always trust in the plan.

Also, I would highly recommend you listen to the song Overcomer by Mandisa.  It really helped me see things differently.

Peace and Love,



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