Update Post!

I was talking to my friend Kara last week and as we were ending our conversation she told me “usually when I catch up with people they talk about work or their kids- with you it’s about your boyfriend moving in (eventually), job updates, vacation plans, babies (not mine), etc.!”  I suppose I do have a pretty rad life

So yes, a lot of positive changes. Details below. 

After a sad post complaining about online dating in August, I continued to put myself out there on Ok Cupid and did end up meeting a pretty spectacular guy.  We have been dating since September, and yes, there is talk about him moving in a few months from now.  He makes me happy. I make him happy. Enough said for now.

I have been working out, but I will admit that my diet from late October to April was completely abysmal.  No joke.  I was eating Macaroni and Cheese and cheesy weeners.  Not good.  Shockingly, I only gained about 10 pounds during that time (about 2 pounds a month) which is actually less than I would have guessed.  I am back on track now.  I run 4-5 days a week and am doing about a 5k every month.  I am working to get to a point that I can run 3 miles without stopping, and at that point I am hoping to train for a half marathon. 

It’s coming to the end of my first academic year in my job. I will say there was a lot of learning that occurred this year and some of that learning was painful, but there were also a lot of bright spots.

Other than that, just a few new highlights.  I got glasses, met some great friends, am a few months away from being out of credit card debt (separate post about that to come!) and am getting to know Seattle and my campus a bit better.  Overall life is good.




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