A Twenty Minute Run

Confession: I feel guilty running on the treadmill when it is nice outside.

Today I really wanted to get a workout in during lunch because I didn’t think I would have time between work and the BBQ we are having tonight.  It’s also challenging to run outside during my lunch hour because either I go down a huge hill and run on a trail that is swarming with bicycles and then huff and puff back up the hill, or I run right off campus on Greek row/near student housing which is frankly kind of irritating.  I compromised by running on the treadmill, which I actually don’t mind because I can control my pace and follow C25K pretty easily.

I started my C25K app but thought I might be able to run for 10 minutes without stopping at a slower than usual pace. Once I hit 10 minutes, I thought I would be able to finish the mile.  After I finished the mile I was at about 15 minutes and knew I could run for 5 more minutes.  Instead of running intervals like usual I ran the whole way.

I really need to invest in a good sweatband and I am definitely getting fitted for contacts during my next eye exam because the sweat-in-eyes situation is truly out of control.  Also, my bangs are in the weird growing out stage so they just flop everywhere, which truly is not fun. I’ve been checking out Sweaty Bands and Bondi Bands but haven’t purchased either yet.  Any advice on a stay-put headband that works for you?

I hope you had a great workout today.  Tell me about it in the comments!

Peace and Love,



One thought on “A Twenty Minute Run

  1. I have a lulu lemon headband that I love. I got it at the outlet in Mt. Vernon, so it was only a little bit ridiculously priced, but it has lasted 4 years!

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