Another one down

Babystepstoabetterlife isn’t just about health, it’s about all around wellness including financial wellness.

Today I paid down another credit card! I am down to one line of credit and one credit card!  I should have both paid off by the end of summer.

I will be the first to admit that it is very difficult to balance paying for the things I want to do or have and paying down my debt.  It is really important for me to 1. focus on my goal and 2. remember that the more I spend now, the longer it will take me to pay off my debt.  

After the last $1000 of my 40,000 is paid down, I plan on paying towards my student loans and sticking more money into savings.  I really hate my student loans, but I do love the job I have because I went to graduate school. When I went to college I understood very little about scholarships, loans, and life in general.  Now working at a University I know a lot more than I did as a college freshman and sometimes get frustrated about the amount of loans I still have.  What I will say is that you can’t change the past and there is no point on dwelling on it.  Know better, do better.  

Also, life is meant to be lived and it is all about balance.  Moderation is an extremely difficult concept for me to master but I can practice everyday.

I am on call and last night and part of today were pretty stressful.  I am going to to my best to practice some self care tonight and tomorrow I get to hand off the duty phone to another Resident Director and enjoy the rest of my weekend. This too shall pass.

Hope you have a relaxing and restful night!



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